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The company was founded in 1981 as a sole proprietor enterprise which, initially with just 2 employees, undertook relatively small contract jobs in the private market. As contract jobs were in demand in the former GDR the workforce strength increased to about 8 around the time when the German reunification was under way. At that time mainly roof tiling and scaffolding jobs were undertaken. Soon, following the reunification, as many of the restrictions on the number of employees in private enterprise were abolished and a major upswing occurred in the construction market, our company began to experience a steady growth.

In order to offer a better and wider range of services to our clients, a workshop for frame carpentry was added in 1994 where mainly roof trusses for new constructions and renovation work were carried out. As a result of this expansion and unusually large number of orders, the number of workmen went up to around 35 by 1998. Thus, our field of activities experienced an enormous expansion and, in 1996, we decided to acquire a 30t mobile crane, by deploying which we were able to simplify much of the work and to reduce the job time significantly.

Naturally, more employees and more vehicles means more space; therefore, in 2003 the company moved into the industrial zone of Muehlau, where an office building, an assembling shop, prefabrication shop (including a computerized joinery machine K1) and an open shower were erected during the last few years.

In 2002, the enterprise was converted into a private limited company under the banner of BRETSCHNEIDER DACHBAU GmbH. In order to offer - in future as well - a wide range of services in the field of roof cladding and wood constructions to our clients we decided in 2006 to venture into construction of frame houses. The result is that we are now in a position to undertake in our own premises construction work for a complete dwelling unit. Since then, we have completed several and different projects. Today, thanks to our expertise and state-of-the-art engineering equipment, the former roof tiling workshop is now transformed into a flexible specialist establishment that is capable of carrying out roof cladding and wood constructions in all possible variants.